Standard Stand Alone Model (A-93E)

Automatic Strapping Machines A-93


Providing our customer low-cost automation to widely increase your productivity, Joinpack makes your strapping job easier with extraordinary competitive advantages. Accommodating to wide range of product sizes, effectively making the strapping securing process maximizes your production speed. Used for both polypropylene straps and also polyester straps in broad range of straps width, the automatic strapping can be applied for general industry usage.

Capacity for 24 straps, this standard table top automatic strapping machine contains bottom heat sealed elements for maximum seal efficiency. With several valuable optional functions including auto load in feed and retracting system, loop ejector and short feeding detection device, the extra options features add up its strapping performance and its user-friendly characteristics. The most reliable and secure strapping equipment, operator can use it as an easy and quick packing equipment for your daily operation.


Digital regulator in PCB with LED show I/O status.
Hinged table top
Modular arch component
Instant heating system
Proximity cam switch
Available for both PP& PET strap
Weld cooling time adjustable

 Cycle Time  2.5 sec/strap
 Tension Range  15~75 kgs
 Strap Width  9, 12, 15.5mm (specified)
 Sealing Method  Heating Element
 Reel Inside Diameter  200, 230, 280 mm (specified)
 Power Supply  110/220/230/240V,50/60Hz,1PH
 Power Consumption  0.72 kw
 Standard Arch Size  W 850 x H 600 mm (Customized)
 Table Height  800mm
 Layout Dimension  L 1440 x W 600 x H 1520 mm
Machine Weight 228kgs

Auto loading system
Looping ejector
Coil end strap ejecting out
Electronic tension control system
Short feeding sensor
Stainless steel housing