JOIN PACK MACHINES has been dedicated to the Packaging Industry for more than a decade now. Our span of Operations covers both Packaging Machines & Packaging Materials.

We specialize in End-Of-Line Packaging Systems & Machines, such as:

  • Strapping Machines

  • Taping machines

  • Shrink machines

  • Stretch Wrap Machines

    We are collaborating with M/s. Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd., Taiwan for JOINPACK Strapping & Taping Machines. M/s. Jia-In is the Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of such Packing Machines in Taiwan. They were also the Ist manufacturers there to build these machines under the coveted ISO 9002 & the GS Standards. They are also OEM to world famous names such as ‘Akebono’, Japan & ‘OvalStrapping’ America.

    For Shrink Machine requirements, we manufacture UNIPACK range of basic Shrink Tunnels & Chambers. For the Top-End, we promote AAA PACK TECH Shrink Systems for Multi-Packing of all kind of Food & Stationery Items etc. We also distribute the world famous CHAN-YEH L-Sealers & Tunnels for High Speed Shrinking with Polyolefin Films. Likewise for Palletization, we have the equally renowned ROBOPAC PERKS Stretch Platforms & Robots.


We at JOIN PACK INDIA lay a lot of stress on providing Timely Preventive & Breakdown Service for our machines. According to our business philosophy, this aspect of our Operation is THE Most Important Part of our day-to-day working.

Our Sales & Service Engineers are technically prepared in training your Personnel in operating these Machines and also in basic trouble-shooting & preventive maintenance. We also carry a considerable amount of inventory of all required spare parts of the Machines. Each of our Marketing or Service Engineer has a work experience of 5-10 years on such machines. We can service & provide spares for each & every Brand of Strapping & Taping Machines currently available in India.