Horizontal Strapping Series A-72HE

  • Product Name : Pallet Strapper – Horizontal Strapping
horizontal pallet strapping system, which may secure the loading on pallets to avoid it falling off! index saling head which have 250mm in strock. strap guiding system to enable the precise strapping position on pallet high.

Commercial PLC control
Index sealing head with 250 mm stroke
Horizontal strapping on various height.
Arch safety device
For PP & PET strapping

 Cycle Time  15 sec./strap
 Tension Range  15~70kgs
 Arch Size  1450Wx 1400H (mm)
 Strap Width  9,12,15.5mm(specified)
 Package Size  Customized
 Sealing Method  Heating element
 Sealing position  Side seal
 Reel Inside Diameter  203mm(8″x8″) 203->406mm(16″x16″)
 Conveyor Height  500mm
 Power Supply  220/230/380/415/440V,3PH
 Power installed  3kw
 Compressed air  5~6 bars
 Power Consumption  3.5kw
 Layout Dimension  3180 (L) X 1877 (W) X 3400 (H)mm
  • HMI, touch screen
  • Strap guide system
  • Hinged mast