Portable semi-automatic pallet strapper (S-72YOF)

Equipped foldable strap guide sword, operators are able to have more mobility and save the space for storage of the strapping machine.This model for pallet strapping is the excellent choice for occasional usage. Available for both polypropylene strap and polyester strap, installed an optional switch allows to exchange easily within PET and PP strap without complicated adjustment. For pallet strapping, S-72YOF is your best economical with its great mobility!

Fixed track for pallet strapping.
Low sealing head(550mm).
Auxiliary feeding device.
Digital regulator in PCB which LED shows I/O status.
PP/PET switch: to change the setting by one switch.
Proximity cam switch.
Weld cooling time adjustable.

 Tension Range  15 ~70 kgs.
 Strap Width  9,12,15.5 mm(specified)
 Sealing Method  Heating element.
 Reel Inside Diameter..  200,230,280mm(specified)
 Power Supply  110/220/230/240V,50/60Hz,1PH
 Sealing Height  550mm
 Power Consumption  0.72kw
 Layout Dimension  1005(L)x765(W) x1120(H)mm
 Machine Weight  125

Ø406 Dispense